A Sangria to Savour

It's Australia Day Eve. And at this very moment Aussies are stocking the esky with various celebratory beverages and/or intoxicants. And while the stubby might be the first choice in toasting our nationhood, a crafted sangria could be the perfect complement. Some might argue that sangria isn't even Australian, but of course our multi-cultural identity allows us the flexibility of claiming any cultural icon such as sangria as our own. Not rolling the 'r' and adding a nasal twang can assist the process. This might also get around European laws that state that outside Spain and Portugal, the drink cannot be called 'sangria' but instead must be labelled 'aromatized wine-based drink'. So how d

Hot wheels and hot wines

Over the past couple of years, Blowfly has received several emails from customers describing wines that they have received from us that are... to varying degrees somewhat subpar. We recently received notice and a photo of an extremely rare (5 bottles remaining) 2005 petit verdot that was due to be judged in Adelaide which had almost literally blown its top. This is something we have been agonising over. We go to great lengths (and a fair degree of expense) to store our wines under optimal conditions, especially considering the degree to which the mercury can soar in Australia during summer. Unfortunately, once we hand a carton of wine over to a courier for delivery we essentially lose all

Eat, drink and learn stuff

Blowfly is headed down to the Gold Coast for a little pre-Australia Day tipple. Bring some friends, pull up a chair and sample some true vintage wines (no under-age wines allowed)! This year we are out of whites completely, so join us for a simply red fest. As well as tastings and samples from over 150 gourmet exhibitors inside the show, there will also be a Celebrity Cooking Stage with free cooking demonstrations from MASTERCHEF (Ben Milbourne, Georgia Barnes, Jessie Spiby) and MY KITCHEN RULES (Carly and Tresne) celebrities, plus local talent. The celebrity dining room offers a chance for an intimate dining experience with a Masterchef favourite who will design the menu, prepare the meal

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