Around the Blend

Australian winemakers are doing some crazy things with blending - particularly with emerging varieties. And Dan Traucki likes what he sees.

For Oak's Sake!

It's finally happening. It's only taken 13 years, but today the fruits of our grand experiment are being labelled. When we originally embarked on this whole winemaking venture, we were stepping out into the unknown. Imagine, if you will, that you love your wine and you're intrigued enough to want to make the stuff. You plant a vineyard, you grow some grapes, and now you have some grape juice that you want to turn into wine. Now what? it's standard practice to use oak... but what does it actually do? Wine has been made for thousands of years. In principle it's pretty easy—ferment some grape juice and you have wine. But how to make good wine? And what is good wine, anyway? Having deli

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