16 Jul 2019

Whats in a name?

“Do you add flies to your wine?”

“Sure, we crush them up and sprinkle a little into each bottle for complexity.”

We often get queried about our distinct label choice, and frankly a tiny family business such as ours can’t afford to be unnoticed on such a c...

16 May 2018

Call it a tribute, maybe.  This is the last time the old gang of '4 will be together.  2004 was one of our most distinct vintages... including a soft Chambourcin with a bold, cognac nose that scored bang last at the Cowra show and yet was our fastest seller; a Merlot t...

10 Oct 2017

It's finally happening.  It's only taken 13 years, but today the fruits of our grand experiment are being labelled.

When we originally embarked on this whole winemaking venture, we were stepping out into the unknown.  Imagine, if you will, that you love your wine and yo...

21 Sep 2017

fear that an acceptance… will inevitably lead to stores being overrun by moscato… or hibiscus, pomegranate and lime infusions

24 Jan 2017

Sometimes you have great ideas.  Sometimes you decide to buy a Kombi.  The thought was that, since BLOWFLY specialises in vintage wines... why not promote and deliver these aged wines in an aged van—a 1972 1.6 litre Kombi?

The van looked cool in the drive...

20 May 2016

On June 19th, at precisely ungodly o'clock, BLOWFLY will be joining thousands of half-crazed do-gooders at the start line of the Brissie to the Bay ride to raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis Queensland.  Team Blowfly will be riding the 100km from South Ba...